A Guide to Acacia Wood Furniture

Let’s explore the world of acacia wood furniture, and find out why people love it and why it might be a good option for your next big furniture purchase.

acacia wood furniture

You may remember that a few months ago I shared our new dining room table and my obsession with it. In fact, it was my first adult dining table, meaning it cost over $500 and didn’t come in a set.

The reason why I choose this particular table was for two main reasons:

  1. It was the perfect size
  2. It was made from solid wood

It’s actually made from acacia wood. Which is a durable, and timeless Australian hardwood. But that got me thinking about acacia wood, and why people are drawn to it in the first place. Like, what makes it so good?

So today, we’re going to explore the world of acacia wood furniture and go through the advantages and disadvantages, and if the outdoor furniture is actually as good as people say? Plus we’ll also share a round-up of the perfect outdoor furniture.

What is Acacia Wood?

Let’s start with the basics. The Acacia tree (also known as Thorntree, Wattle, and Mimosa) is native to Australia. But over the past hundred years, settlers brought it to Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Currently, there are over 1,350 species of Acacia trees worldwide, but all are generally the same in terms of characteristics.

Why is Acacia Wood used to Make Furniture?

Throughout history, Acacia trees have proved to be valuable hardwood. In the 18th century, the British praised Acacia trees for their water-resistant properties and durability. It made the wood perfect for building ships, treenails, cogs, and you guessed it, furniture!

Currently, acacia wood is used to make furniture for a few reasons. Not only is it affordable, durable, and easy to use, but it is also sustainable.

Because of these reasons, you’ll find the wood used to make staple furnishings, home decor, and even countertops.

14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Acacia Wood

So what are the pros and cons? well, we’re going to go over 14 of the advantages and disadvantages of acacia wood furniture below.

Pros of Acacia Furniture

  1. Durable is beyond any other wood
  2. Affordable (compared to other custom or specialty hardwood furniture)
  3. Easy wood to work with
  4. Sustainable
  5. Scratch-resistant
  6. Beautiful grain patterns
  7. Choose between engineered or solid wood
acacia wood furniture

Cons of Acacia Furniture

  1. Maintenance can be a lot of work (you have to be careful of certain liquids and plastics)
  2. Furniture will begin to darken over time
  3. Temperate, and you have to avoid high heat with the wood
  4. Affordability (high compared to big box stores)
  5. Imperfections in the wood furniture (can be a positive too, and unique)
  6. Can break or buckle under certain conditions (like dry, desert areas)
  7. Scratches in the furniture can be hard to get rid of

How to take care of acacia wood furniture

When it comes to taking care of acacia furniture, here are 8 quick tips:

  1. Avoid cleaning tools with a rough surface
  2. Avoid any cleaning products that can dry out the wood, including polishes or anything with silicone.
  3. Do not place the furniture next to a lot of heat from radiators or fireplaces, since the heat can cause the item to warp.
  4. Use placemats and coasters, specifically for hot plates and cups.
  5. Rotate your furniture often, to ensure all areas are exposed to the same environmental conditions.
  6. Acacia wood is scratch-resistant, but if there is a scratch-made we suggest using touch-up markers.
  7. Do not use any cleaning products or detergents that contain ammonia, or anything that will take the moisture out of the wood and finish.
  8. Avoid direct sunlight, since it can cause fading and sometimes even breaking or cracking.

Acacia vs Teak

Teak is another very popular option for furniture, and when we saw this question we decided to do some research.

The biggest difference is the pricing, and how long the wood lasts untreated.

Teak will last longer (if not forever) untreated but also costs more money. While acacia requires a protective treatment and is considerably more affordable.

11 of our favorite Acacia Outdoor Furniture

acacia wood outdoor furniture

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

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