5 Ways to Fall In Love with Your Home

5 ways to fall in love with your home

A few months ago when our nation began to stay at home I suddenly realized that I wanted to fall in love with our home again. Rather than filling up space with things we don’t necessarily love and buying things just because we need something. I decided to shift my perspective to curating pieces I love and bring home things that envoke a feeling of happiness instead.

According to a study by the Happiness Research Institute, 73% of people who are happy with their homes are also happy in general, and 15% of our overall happiness is having a happy home. So I thought it was the perfect time to share 5 ways you can fall in love with your home right now.

5 ways to fall in love with your home, again.

Cut the clutter

If you’re like my mom this is going to be the hardest part of falling in love with your home. For her, almost everything holds memory which is fine. But remember that too much clutter can take away from the feeling of happiness in your home. So cut the clutter, edit your things that don’t fill your home with happiness. Slowly replace those items with things you truly love. Soon you will have an entire room filled with items that make you smile or make you feel happy.

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Create a home budget

I recently started selling our dressers, our dishes, and other things that weren’t bringing us happiness anymore. I decided to sell the things that I bought to fill a certain space in our home. But I realized it was better to have an empty spot waiting to be filled by something I truly love, than something I don’t like.

So I started putting that money aside as part of a home fund and invest in the things that bring me happiness. I have used that to buy the Turkish rug I love so much, and the light I used in our dining room. It’s become a way for me to feel better about letting those things go because maybe that dresser I sold will give someone else happiness.

Make your home YOURS

It could be a simple refresh with the perfect arrangement of flowers, or a new coat of paint or a DIY light fixture if your renting. If you own your home maybe start by changing the paint color of your kitchen cabinets, adding tiles to your bathroom, or maybe adding wallpaper to a bedroom. Do something that will make you proud of your home.

5 ways to fall in love with your home

Make Memories

The day our house became a home was the day we brought our daughter back from the hospital. We’ve also hosting dinners and bbqs with friends and family which are now happy memories when I think of home. I know hosting family or friends isn’t going to happen anytime soon for most of us, but you can still inject memories into your home. I’m not someone who has a lot of pictures up of family, but I bought a marble picture frame for our bedroom and this beautiful gallery frame to house some special memories.

Lastly, Don’t Wait to Love Your Home

It takes time to build memories, and it also takes time to renovate and curate your belongings. I always thought I would show my home once I completed the bathroom, or kitchen or bedroom. But I just found putting a time frame on loving my home was not the way to go.

I’ve also heard people say “we’re moving soon” or “we have to save for..” but it’s a long time to not love your home. Invest in the things you love right now, and if your moving soon then invest in the things you can take with you.

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