How to Replace Paneling with Drywall

This article is an easy DIY, to learn how to replace paneling with drywall.

Learn to replace paneling with drywall

One of the best parts of my job is being able to design and fix up the house we grew up in. I remember drawing floor plans and dreaming up ways I would eventually design each room in the cottage. Now that I run this blog full-time and I get to work with amazing sponsors, that dream is becoming a reality. But first, let’s go over how we were able to replace paneling with drywall and make a massive change in the look of the bedroom.

My plans for the cottage bedroom design had three-quarters of the room replaced with drywall, leaving access through the panels to one of the walls. The reason for this is so they can easily access the space between the walls just incase critters get in there (figuring that out and closing it off is coming in another post). 

how to replace paneling with drywall
how to replace paneling with drywall

After measuring the walls we wanted to replace, we figured out we would need roughly 6 sheets of drywall, a box of screwsdrywall tape, and all-purpose mud. Roughly costing $200 with primer, and a can of paint.

We’ll go over how to replace and update old paneling with drywall in this article.

How to Replace Paneling with Drywall

The first step was taking down all the old paneling and wood trim that lined the room. We knew the old cottage would have some uneven walls but we weren’t prepared for just how crooked it was. Pulling off the panels was relatively fast with a hammer and flat head screwdriver. We did have to put up a new vapor barrier in some areas and a staple gun to reinforce others. 

how to replace paneling with drywall
how to replace paneling with drywall
paneling drywall materials

Before we installed the drywall we made sure there were no screws leftover and all the nails were hammered in to prevent the drywall sheet from cracking. The next step was to measure along the crooked walls, leaving enough space at the bottom between the floor and the sheet of drywall. The hardest part of figuring out how to replace paneling with drywall was actually cutting the drywall sheets with an Exacto knife. I’m sure there is a much easier way to do it, but the closest hardware store was just over 1.5 hours away. We used what we had and honestly it sucked.

It took a few hours but we were able to install the last piece of drywall. The only thing that was left to do was tape the seams, mud the holes, and fill the cracks. Once it’s dry we can start priming and painting, which I’m hoping to be done with this weekend. But overall I’m so excited we were able to replace the paneling with drywall because that alone made the biggest difference.

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