Space Saving Solutions that will Make your Cottage Feel Bigger

We’re giving you all the space-saving solutions for your cottage, so you can make the most of what you’ve got.

Let’s be honest, space is a luxury that not everyone has. But adding space saving solutions to your home can help you make the most out of every nook and cranny.

Even in large homes, owners can benefit from creating more space. There are plenty of unique and clever space saving solutions that can make your home appear more spacious while keeping your things organized.

Space Saving Solutions

Instead of sharing organizational products, we thought it was a much better idea to go through each room. Starting with the kitchen and working our way around the home. So you can get a better idea of specific products to use for each room and how to use them properly.


The kitchen is the catch-all, and usually the biggest pain source when it comes to storage and space. We often have more than what we need in this room, and it shows when you have little to no counter space or room in cupboards.

Out of the Box Kitchen Storage

Once you start thinking this way it’s hard to think any different. When you’re in the design phase of your kitchen try to think outside the box. Can the storage space be better used for something other than its typical storage? In this case, the cupboard space opens from under the kitchen island, giving more options for storing things other than kitchen essentials.


Hang Pots and Pans on Towel Bar

If you dread opening the pots and pans cupboard you need to look into this small space hack. Using a towel bar and hooks, you can hang just about anything. Take a look at Amber Interiors for some modern towel bar options.


Take advantage of the Space above the Kitchen Cupbords

Extra storage is the name of the game, especially in small kitchens. So why not take advantage of the space above the kitchen cupboards too. Use baskets for storing things you don’t need daily, and otherwise have no room for it.

Find options for baskets here, here, and here.


Bathroom Space Savers

Bathrooms can be pretty tricky, often they are small and lack storage space. If that’s the case here are a few easy fixes.

Over the Toilet Shelving

When there’s not enough floor space, you have to think about using the real estate on the walls. But instead of the old school over the toilet storage units, there are so many modern options. Like the Fern Wall Storage Unit from Anthropology.

Under the Sink Storage

Like I said when there isn’t enough under the sink storage think vertical. Which is where an under sink pull-out drawer comes in. They come in many different shapes and sizes but all work the same way. That way you can make sure every nook and cranny is being used.



When it comes to organization in either the playrooms or just for toys in general. It’s not easy to find storage space for toys that works with the style of your home. Instead we stick to these two space saving solutions.

Storage ideas

We like using open storage ideas like here and here. As interior designers we like to take it a step further, and sort by color which helps make the open shelves look less messy.


We use a storage trunk in our living room, as a piece of furniture that doubles as toy storage. It makes for a quick and easy pick up at the end of the day, blends in with your home and looks great.



Bedroooms come in all shapes and sizes, some with tons of storage and some with little. But we find you can never have enough storage tips for the bedroom.

Under the Bed Storage

There several options when it comes to space saving solutions for the bedroom. We like utilizing under the bed storage in our own home, but instead of the plastic bins we found a bed with built in storage.


In the Bed Storage

This is a great idea if you have limited space in your room, but need some extra storage for large items like blankets, extra pillows or anything that normally requires a closet.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are great ideas for those who work from home and have an office that converts into a guest bedroom. Or tiny homes that have no room for wasted space. Either way this is a great option for people who need it, and you can find one of our personal favourites here.


Dining Room

We’ll make this quick but the dining room seems to be another space in our home that lacks storage. So here’s one of our favourite space saving solutions that work well for us.

Sideboard Storage

The only place other than the dining table is to use a sideboard for storage. There are tons of afforable options and we love how well they blend in with the rest of the furniture in our home. It’s easy to collect your books, bins filled with things you don’t use regularly and even toys in the sideboard.


If you’re looking for more organization hacks and storage solutions, check out these articles.

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