The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Life after a Pandemic

Your ultimate summer bucket list and guide to making the most of life after a pandemic.

summer bucket list 2021

Four times a year our team comes together to share our seasonal bucket lists. I love the excitement that fills the room when everyone shares their ideas and plans for the season ahead. It’s that kind of excitement that I hope you’ll get too!

The truth is this past year and a half has caused a lot of us to question the things that are most important in our lives. Things that used to think about became secondary to your health, wellness and time with your loved ones.

That’s exactly why we’re sharing the ultimate summer bucket list for life after a pandemic.

Your Summer Bucket List is Here!

The reason why this list is so different compared to previous years, is because we’re focusing inward on the things that truly make us feel happy. For a lot of us we’re still figuring out this new way of life, and we made the decision to hault the cross-country road trips and concerts this year. Instead we’re aiming for things that bring us joy not only at home, but within our local neighbourhoods, cities and towns.

Why not spend this summer exploring local attractions and supporting small businesses?

Think back to summers of your childhood? what were the most prominent memories? the ones that stuck out the most? Do you ever smell a particular scent or hear song that reminds you of a certain memory?

Anytime I smell the – – its all I needed to

For me, any time I hear The Beatles playing it automatically takes me back to summer nights at the cottage. My parents would be entertaining friends with Come Together playing off a cd in the background. I would listen in on their conversations about world affairs and whatever the latest event was. We would sit and watch the sun go down from the front deck over looking the water.

Summer memories that were filled with simple pleasures and intentionality.

Fillable Version

Which is exactly what we’re all looking for this summer, and I hope this bucket list will help you achieve just that!

So, what will you include in your own summer bucket list?

Don’t forget to save this, or send it to your friends and make some plans to check off each one! Oh and be sure to come back every Friday when we share inspiration to help you check off everything on this list!

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